Medical Students

Pathology as a Career

This prize-winning YouTube video produced by UPMC Pathology Faculty describes the clinical, research, and educational roles of the pathologist.

Medical Student Opportunities

The Department of Pathology offers a variety of electives, fellowships, and awards for medical students.

Post-Sophomore Fellowship in Pathology

The Department of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine offers special fellowships for US and Canadian medical students who have completed their second or third year of medical school and wish to spend an additional year of study before proceeding with their medical school education. This in-depth exposure to diagnostic and investigative aspects of pathology helps to expose students to various aspects of investigative, anatomic, and clinical pathology. The hope is to expand understanding of the role of pathologists in the health care team and to recruit some individuals for careers in pathology and laboratory medicine.

Pathology Medical Student Interest Group (PMSIG) at the University of Pittsburgh

This University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine student-led organization introduces medical students to the field of pathology through a series of lunchtime lectures, laboratory tours, and other experiences.