Post-Award Grant Administration

The post-award accounting area is responsible for managing post award accounting, financial reporting, account activation, purchasing, invoicing, and grant budget close out.

Post-Award Contacts for Faculty Members

Investigators whose Last Name Begins with A-M

  • Contact: Robert Barnhart, Post-Award Financial Analyst
    Phone: 412-802-6037

Investigators whose Last Name Begins with N-Z

  • Contact: Daniel McDonald, Post-Award Administrator
    Phone: 412-802-6042

Cost Transfers

  •  A cost transfer is an accounting entry that transfers costs between accounts to correct an accounting or clerical error in the original entry. The University of Pittsburgh and Federal Guidelines do not allow for transfers over 90 days.

Effort Reporting

  • Effort reporting is the disclosure, accounting and reporting of an individual's proportional time spent on University activities expressed as a percentage of total time. Effort reporting is essential for the proper accounting of salary and wage expenses.

Cost Sharing

  • An example of cost sharing is any personnel listed on the project budget (showing percentage effort) for whom no salary is requested in the budget, or if salary is requested, it is less than what is needed to pay for the entire percentage effort not in the budget, in addition to the fringe benefits and indirect costs associated with those costs, would be considered cost sharing.