Sungjin Ko, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor of Pathology, Division of Experimental Pathology

Dr. Ko is an Assistant Professor of Pathology, and a member of Division of Experimental Pathology, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Research Interests

Dr. Ko is particularly interested in beneficial modulation of cell fate by using chemicals which regulate cellular programming of liver epithelial cells at the intersections of stem cell biology, regenerative medicine, and cancer therapy. Dr. Ko's long-term research goals: (1) understanding the molecular mechanisms of liver regeneration and cell plasticity in animal models of human liver disease in order to identify therapeutic targets for patients as an alternative for liver transplantation; (2) delineating the role of cellular reprogramming in the molecular pathogenesis of liver cancers to identify drug candidates to prolong the lifespan for liver cancer patients, one of the major unmet needs in the clinic.

Representative Publications

Dr Ko's Publications on PubMed.

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