Seemaab Ali, MD


Planned Fellowship(s): Neuropathology

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with family, gaming, guitar, drawing, reading/listening to books

Education & Training
The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Columbus, OH (2022)
Representative Publications

Xiao R, Mansour AG, Huang W, Hassan II QN, Wilkins RK, Komatineni SV, Bates R, Ali S, Chrislip LA, Queen NJ, Ma S, Yu J, Lordo MR, Mundy-Bosse BL, Caligiuri MA, Cao L. Adipocyte CD1d Gene Transfer Induces T Cell Expansion and Adipocyte Inflammation in CD1d Knockout Mice. J Immunol. 2022 May 1;208(o):2109-2121. PMID: 35418470