Sarah Wheeler, PhD, FAACC

Associate Professor of Pathology, Division of Clinical Chemistry

Dr. Wheeler is an Assistant Professor of Pathology. She is also the Associate Medical Director, Clinical Immunopathology; Medical Director, Automated Laboratory, UPMC Mercy; and Medical Director, Automated Laboratory, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Clinical Expertise

Dr. Wheeler is a certified clinical chemist with expertise in general chemistry and clinical immunopathology.

Education & Training
PhD - 2012, University of Pittsburgh
BS - 2006, Brigham Young University
Research Interests

Dr. Wheeler's research interests include: improving pediatric and infectious disease diagnostic testing using informatics based approaches; updating clinical chemistry testing guidelines using evidence based approaches; improving, testing, and creating new clinical assays for improved patient outcomes; effects of viral infections on autoimmunity.

Representative Publications

Dr. Wheeler's publications -

  • Wheeler SE, Shi H, Lin F, Dasari S, Bednash J, Thorne S, Watkins S, Joshi R, Thomas SM. Enhancement of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma proliferation, invasion, and metastasis by tumor-associated fibroblasts in preclinical models. Head Neck. 2014 Mar; 36(3): 385-92.
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