Julia Kofler, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology, Division of Neuropathology

Dr. Kofler is a member of the Division of Neuropathology.

Clinical Expertise

  • Surgical neuropathology
  • Autopsy neuropathology
  • Neurodegenerative diseases
Education & Training
MD - University of Vienna, 1997
Research Interests
  • Diagnostic evaluation of neurodegenerative disorders and brain banking
    • Co-director and neuropathology core leader of the University of Pittsburgh Alzheimer's disease research center (ADRC)
    • Director, adult and pediatric neurodegenerative brain bank (Alzheimer's disease and related dementias, ALS, movement disorders, traumatic brain injury and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, leukodystrophies)
    • Director, Neurohistology laboratory
    • Neuropathology consultant for the Pittsburgh NIH NeuroBioBank
  • Genome-wide association studies have identified several novel risk genes for late-onset Alzheimer's disease (AD). Since the biological functions of many of these genes are only poorly characterized, it is uncertain how they mediate increased AD risk. To determine if these genes affect tau or amyloid deposition in the brain, we study the impact of risk alleles on AD pathology burden and comorbidities and have identified several associations of known risk factors with neurodegenerative pathologies. Additionally, we have identified several novel candidate genes associated with our pathology endophenotypes and are beginning to investigate the biological pathways underlying these associations. In a newly funded project, we are expanding these studies to identify genetic modifiers of white matter myelin and oligodendrocyte pathologies, which are frequently seen in AD brains, and will complement these studies by analyzing bulk and spatially defined gene expression levels in the white matter.
  • A more severe phenotype of AD is identified by the occurrence of psychosis. We are aiming to identify the pathobiology underlying this phenotype and have recently published findings that the psychosis phenotype is associated with higher phospho-Tau burden, higher prevalence of TDP-43 pathology and a shift in the synaptic proteome. In follow-up RNAseq studies using cell type proportion analysis, differential expression and Weighted Gene Correlation Network Analysis (WGCNA), we have identified reduced vulnerability of excitatory neurons and post-transcriptional synaptic compensation as possible mechanisms conferring resilience to psychosis. Ongoing studies are aimed to further dissect pathogenetic pathways by performing more comprehensive proteomics analyses, epigenetic analyses and single cell RNAseq studies.
  • Repetitive traumatic brain injury (concussions), such as sustained by contact sport participants, can lead to a neurodegenerative disease process called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. While initial neuropathologic diagnostic criteria have been established for CTE, many unanswered questions remain about the frequency of CTE in symptomatic and asymptomatic athletes and about the spectrum of neuropathologic findings. To address these questions, we are developing a brain banking cohort of former contact sport participants, who will be followed longitudinally until death to collect information about their medical, trauma and cognitive histories. Postmortem examinations will allow us to better define the relationship between trauma exposure, cognitive trajectory and pathologic changes in the brain and to identify factors of resilience and vulnerability. In parallel, we are a participating site in the CONNECT-TBI consortium, a network of neuropathologists with expertise in neurodegenerative diseases, who will meet regularly for consensus reviews of brain autopsy cases with a TBI history and to refine diagnostic criteria.

NIH Research

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Representative Publications

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