Alina Ostrowska, PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Pathology, Division of Experimental Pathology

Dr. Ostrowska is a member of the Division of Experimental Pathology and a member of Pittsburgh Liver Research Center.

Education & Training
PhD - 1990, University of Wroclaw, Poland
MS - 1982, University of Wroclaw, Poland
Research Interests

Dr. Ostrowska has over twenty years of experience developing human cell-based products. As a manager of a new Human Synthetic Liver Biology Core for PLRC, she oversees experimental design, and provides high quality, well characterized major types of human hepatic cells isolated from any type of diseased liver (pediatric or adult). In particular, she is providing the next generation of a variety of human hepatic tissue formats that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies and implementing new projects related to isolation and characterization of human hepatocytes and non-parenchymal liver cells. The major aspects of her scientific activities include:

  1. Providing substantial scientific and technical input and expertise in all aspects of primary human hepatocyte isolation, culture, and transplantation.
  2. Development of an independent research program to investigate mechanisms of primary hepatocyte cryobiology and cold preservation.
  3. Characterization of human hepatocytes isolated from non-transplantable livers including evaluation of CYP450s activities in cells isolated from explanted cirrhotic liver specimens obtained from patients undergoing OLT.
  4. Participation in clinical trial of hepatocyte transplantation. Defining and managing both preclinical and clinical trial strategy. Managing operational and logistical goals, ensuring all activities adhere to cGMP policies, as well as FDA regulations, and IND guidelines. There is a pressing need for alternative therapeutic methods effective in the treatment of patients with liver insufficiency. Isolated human hepatocytes may be a viable alternative or adjunct to orthotopic liver transplantation in such patients. The goal of the proposed research is to investigate the engraftment potential and differentiated function of hepatocytes in the treatment of patients with classical metabolic diseases.
Representative Publications
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  • Anderson B., Stumbras A.,Vadrevu S., Lindeman R., Ostrowska A., Katane A., Seetapun D., Ross J. Biliary duct hepatocyte infusion as a method for functionally repopulating whole decellularized porcine liver matrix. Hepatology: 68 (IssueS1), 2018, 321.
  • Gonzalez R., Garitaonandia I., Abramihina T., Wambua GK, Ostrowska A., Brock M., Noskov A., Boscolo FS., Craw JS., Laurent LC, Snyder EY., Semechkin RA.: Deriving dopaminergic neurons for clinical use. A practical approach. Sci.Rep., 3: 1463. doi: 10.1038/srep01463, 2013.
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