Gynecologic Cytopathology

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Mission Statement

The UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital (MWH) is a tertiary medical center with state-of-the art gynecological and obstetric care. Our mission is to maintain the highest quality of patient care, improve the cytologic diagnosis for cervical pap tests, HPV tests and other related gynecologic specimens, and provide an outstanding education to trainees. Working as a team, laboratory professionals promote excellence in patient care, research, education, and continuous improvement.

Clinical Activities

The UPMC MWH Cytopathology Center of Excellence is one of the largest academic hospital-based cytopathology programs in the country. It provides diagnostic services for patients throughout the UPMC Health System and provides an active consultation service. Cervical cancer screening tests are performed by widely used FDA-approved cervical screening technologies, including ThinPrep Pap test, computer-assisted LBC imaging using the ThinPrep Imaging System (Hologic) and hrHPV detection in Preserv-Cyt vial fluid by using the FDA-approved Aptima assay that tests for E6/E7 mRNA of 14 hrHPV types (Hologic). Cytopathologists work closely with clinicians to establish precise diagnoses. Cervical Pap cytology and histological correlation is performed on all cases if available. Colposcopy and Pap test consensus conferences are held regularly to provide optimal patient care and pathology/gynecology resident/fellow trainee education. Non-gynecologic specimens including exfoliative cytology specimens (mainly pelvic washes) and fine needle aspiration on superficial sites and deep-seated lesions are processed. Immediate on-site cytology evaluations are available for triaging specimens.


The faculty members at UPMC MWH Cytopathology Center of Excellence are actively involved in clinical, translational, and basic research. Research focuses on The Bethesda System (TBS) report rate, variable abnormal Pap report rate and histological findings, as well as the relationship between variable Pap test and HPV tests. MWH cervical screening co-testing data have been analyzed using the Pittsburgh Cervical Cancer Screening Model (PCCSM), which was developed at our institution. About 200 articles related to cervical cancer screening were published in the past 10 years.

Teaching and Training

The faculty at UPMC MWH Cytopathology Center of Excellence actively participate in teaching medical students, cytotechnology students, as well as pathology residents and fellows. The goal is to foster an excellent environment in which trainees will become leaders in cytopathology.


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