About Our Pathology Consultation Services

Dear Fellow Pathologists:

This brochure, which describes the diagnostic activities of our Department of Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh, is sent to you as documentation of the sincerity of our department in its effort to establish intellectual links with pathology practitioners in the Western Pennsylvania/Tristate area and across the nation.

Over the last three years, our Department of Pathology has experienced growth in many areas. Prominent in these areas are new capabilities for molecular analysis of anatomic pathology material, either at the microscopic level or at the laboratory bench. We strongly believe that the development of techniques that can only be used for in-patient populations in an academic institution is of no value unless it serves the broader interests of our Pathology colleagues in the surrounding geographic area. The mission of an academic institution is to a large extent defined by its success in becoming part of the community. The effort described in this brochure is aimed precisely at that purpose. We hope that the intellectual links that we will establish in the future will result in bilateral exchange of information and support between us and you and will strengthen the practice of pathology on both sides. We would like to ensure in the future that you have the opportunity to know about our efforts in the new programs and practices that we are trying to establish and also become part of our effort to build up to a level of sophistication of pathology practice that would carry us into the 21st century.

Please take this letter as an invitation to establish long-term communication. Please let us know what aspects of your practice we can help you with and what would be the appropriate venue to assure that developments in our Department of Pathology become of substantial importance for your diagnostic laboratory needs. We are looking forward to stronger bilateral ties in the future and we hope to hear from you in what we can best do to meet your needs.


George K. Michalopoulos, MD, PhD
Professor and Chairman
Department of Pathology